Dr. Stuart S. Sumida

Anatomical Consulting for Animation and Special Effects with

Walt Disney Feature Animation


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Beauty and the Beast

Designed and anatomical lectures for design of equine (“Philipe, Belgian draft horse) and canid characters.


Walt Disney Feature Animation California Animator Development Program

Provided complete course and overview of comparative vertebrate anatomy with dissection for new Disney Animators as well as review for veteran animators.


The Lion King

Consultant on comparative anatomy, biomechanics, and character design for summer 1994 feature animation release.  Topics included all animal characters in the film and computer graphic character design. (Screen credit.) 



Consultant on (1) human anatomy and locomotion; (2) differences on human with emphasis on sexual dimorphism; and (3) biological species diversity and issues of human populational variation.



Consultant on comparative anatomy of dinosaurs, particularly the genus Iguanodon.



Consultant on equine anatomy, human anatomy, and martial arts fight sequences.


Walt Disney Feature Animation Studios, Paris, France, 1995, Animator Development Program

Training in anatomical structure and comparative mammalian anatomy Paris France division of the Walt Disney Company.



Consultant on equine, avian, and human anatomy.



Instruction in comparative animal anatomy, particularly gorillas, humans, elephants, and developmental features of both gorillas and humans from juvenile to adult. (Screen credit.)


Fantasia 2000

Instruction in anatomy of elk for Firebird sequence.


Lilo and Stitch

 Consultation on dog anatomy for scene in which Stitch acts like a dog.  Also worked with animators on various aspects of “alien biomechanics”.


Brother Bear

Anatomy and locomotion studies on bears and moose.  (Screen credit.)




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