Dr. Stuart S. Sumida

Anatomical Consulting for Animation and Special Effects with

DreamWorks Feature Animation

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The Prince of Egypt

Anatomy of goats, sheep, and camels (even though there were no camels in Egypt at the time historically).


Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron

Equine anatomy, biomechanics, and riding classes for lead animators, animation assistants, and clean-up animators, and digital artists.  (Screen credit.)


Shrek II

Human sexual dimorphism for characters of Shrek versus Fiona for Pacific Data Images’ work on Shrek II.



Anatomy of lions, zebra, hippos, giraffes, aye-ayes, foosa, and other animals for Pacific Data Images’ work on Madagascar.


Over the Hedge

Anatomy of turtles, raccoons, owls, weasels, and other animals for DreamWorks’ first completely digital production done in southern California.


Kung Fu Panda

Anatomy of pandas, snakes, tigers, monkeys, mantis, and martial arts choreography for digital DreamWorks production.




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