Dr. Stuart S. Sumida

Anatomical Consulting for Animation and Special Effects with

Walt Disney Imagineering

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Imagineering is the research and development arm of the Walt Disney Company.  While Imagineering has many activities, the majority of the work Dr. Sumida has done with them focus on attractions at the Disney Theme Parks  In 1996, Imagineering together with Disney Consumer Products sponsored Dr. Sumida’s sabbatical leave from CSU San Bernardino.  During that period and since he has provided frequent anatomical and paleontological consultation for them.  Only selected projects and activities from Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom are listed here.


Dinoland USA

During the 1996 sabbatical, various features of the area were assessed and often remounted and/or corrected.  Particular attention was paid to the ongoing preparation of the Tyrannosaurus rex specimen “Sue” that was prepared in collaboration with the Field Museum of Natural History and the California State University system.  Dr. Sumida was the state-wide representative to both the Field Museum and Disney Parks for the Sue project.


Countdown to Extinction Thrillride Attraction

During the 1996 sabbatical, work was done on this attraction as it was refurbished.


Expedition Everest Thrillride Attraction

Anatomical and biomechanical consultation for large, yeti-like audioanimatronic creature.  Creature development used standard approaches from comparative vertebrate anatomy and primate evolution.





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