Biology 223

Lectures and Lecture Outlines for:


Dr. Stuart S. Sumida

California State University San Bernardino; Department of Biology






Topic and Readings

Week 1

M 1/9

Introduction; review of cells and tissues; the human as a vertebrate. (GWJ Chapters 1 & 3; SSS: Introduction and Laboratory 1) Early development of humans. (CM chapter 1; SSS Laboratories 1-3)

W 1/11

Early development of humans continued. (Readings as for Monday)

Week 2

M 1/16

Martin Luther King Holiday; no class meetings.

W 1/18

Overview of adult systems. Integument (CM chapter 5). Introduction to support systems. Skeletal components. Physiology and function of the skeletal system.

Week 3

M 1/23

Definitions of movements. Axial skeleton; structure, development and function. (CM chapter 2). Begin Appendicular skeleton; structure and function. (CM chapter 12, pp. 219-222, pp. 248-252; SSS chapter 4)

W 1/25

Continue Appendicular skeleton; structure and function. (CM chapter 12, pp. 219-222, pp. 248-252; SSS chapter 4)

Week 4

M 1/30

Midterm Exam Study Guide

First Midterm Examination (100 points) (Covers through axial skeleton)

W 2/1

Introduction to the nervous system. Neuronal physiology and function. Organization of the voluntary nervous system. (CM chapter 3; GWJ Chapter 8).

Week 5

M 2/6

Organization and function of the autonomic nervous system. (CM pp. 127-130; GWJ Chapter 12). Introduction to muscle structure and function (GWJ Chapter 13). Review of basic cross-sectional anatomy. (CM Chapters 3 and 5)

W 2/8

Finish Muscle Function. Axial musculature; structure and function. (CM Chapters 4 and 5; SSS Laboratory 5)

Week 6

M 2/13

Introduction to organization of appendicular musculature. (CM Chapter 12)

W 2/15

Musculo-skeletal organization and innervation of the hindlimb (lower limb). Innervation of the hindlimb. (CM Chapter 15 and 16)

Week 7

M 2/20

Musculo-skeletal organization of the forelimb (upper limb). Innervation of the forelimb. (CM Chapters 13 and 14)

W 2/22

Midterm Exam Study Guide
(150 points) (Covers through hind-limb)

Week 8

M 2/27

Development and structure of the skull. (CM Chapter 19)

W 3/1

Cranial development and its associated innervation. (CM Chapters 18 and 19)

Week 9

M 3/6

Structure and function of the brain and cranial nerves. (CM Chapter 19)

W 3/8


Cranio-facial musculature; structure, function and innervation. (CM Chapter 21)

Week 10

M 3/13

Organization of the neck. (CM Chapter 22)

W 3/15

Neck continued (Readings as for Monday). Overview: "The Child is the Father of the Man."

Week 11

M 3/20

Review Session.

F 3/24

Final Exam Study Guide
(220 points) Time: 2:004:00