Biology 224 Spring 2006

Lectures and Lecture Outlines for:


Dr. Stuart S. Sumida

California State University San Bernardino; Department of Biology





Topic and Readings

Week 1

M 4/3

Review of development and organization of the human head and neck. CM Chapter 1; SSS: Laboratory 1-2). Special sense organs.

W 4/5

Organizational overview of the human thorax, abdomen, and pelvis. (CM Chapter 1, Skim Chapters 8-9; SSS: Laboratory 3). Introduction to the circulatory system; properties and components of blood. (GWJ Chapter 15)

Week 2

M 4/10

Structure and development of the heart. (CM Chapters 6-7). Function of the heart and great vessels. (GWJ Chapter 14).

W 4/12

Blood vessels and the peripheral circulatory system. (Readings on circulatory structures at the end of CM Chapters 9-11, 13, and 15).

Week 3

M 4/17

Structure and function of the lymphatic system. (CM: pp. 87-93)

W 4/19

Biomechanics and nervous control of breathing. (GWJ pp. 470-477; CM: pp. 130-132, 152-154). Development and structure of the respiratory system. (CM: Chapter 8; GWJ Chapter 17)

Week 4

M 4/24

Developmental changes of the circulatory, respiratory, and nervous systems at birth. (CM: pp. 125-130; GWJ Chapter 18; review autonomic nervous system if necessary)

W 4/26

First Midterm Examination (100 points) (Covers through lymphatic system.)

Week 5

M 5/1

Components and functions of the immune system; AIDS. (GWJ Chapter 23)

W 5/3

Development, structure and function of the digestive system. (CM Chapter: 9; GWJ Chapter 21)

Week 6

M 5/8

Metabolism and nutrition. (GWJ Chapter 21)

W 5/10

Overview of the pelvis and perineum (CM: Chapter 11)

Week 7

M 5/15

Development and structure of the excretory system. (CM: Chapter 10). The nephron and counter-current exchange mechanisms. (GWJ Chapter 19)

W 5/17

Second Midterm Examination (150 points) (Covers through pelvis and perineum.)

Week 8

M 5/22

Physiology of the excretory system. (GWJ Chapter 20)

W 5/24

Overview of the structures of the endocrine system. Hormonal communication (GWJ Chapter 6).

Week 9

M 5/29

Memorial Day Holiday No class.

W 5/31

Development and structure of the reproductive systems. (CM: pp. 160-174; GWJ Chapter 22)

Week 10

M 6/5

Reproductive physiology; human reproductive cycles. (GWJ pp. 699-722)

W 6/7

Form and Function Relationships. Catch-up.

Week 11

M 6/12

Review Session.

F 6/16

Final Examination (200 points) Time: 2:004:00