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Exam Study Guides

First Midterm

Examples of Major Concepts for Study 

Possible “Essay” Question Topics:  

·         Explain and define the different types of food acquisition strategies described in class, and give an example of each.

·         Explain, either as a list of components or with text/prose, the process of Natural Selection as described by Charles Darwin.

·         What is convergent evolution?  Give at least two examples.

·         The earth it now acknowledged to be extremely old. Describe how it came to be understood that the earth was extremely old during the Age of the Enlightenment.   

·         What is Symbiosis?  Describe at least one example.


Second Midterm

Examples of Major Concepts for Study

·         Water to Land Transition:  Examples of problems associated with it and solutions in different groups; for example, compare plants and amphibians.  

·         Chordate Synapomorphies!!!

·         Defining feature of vertebrates!!!

·         Caenogenesis

·         Importance of Segmentation

·         Protostome/Deuterostome differences

·         Insect stuff:  original function of wings; origin of insects; most primitive are wingless

·         Endoskeleton versus Exoskeleton





Possible “Essay” Question Topics:


Important Topics for the Final

Examples of Major Concepts for Study

Remember!!!  This is NOT and exhaustive list.  Any material presented in lecture could be on the final.  Further, listing here doesn't guarantee topic will be on the final.


Important Terms or Taxonomic Groups You Should Understand or recognize:



Possible “Essay” Question Topics:

(Any of these topics could be preented as an essay-style question, or broken up into a number of short-answer or multiple choice questions.)


 Some extra Galapagos Questions:




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